About Me. . . .

About Me. . . .

Welcome to Tropical Life, Food and Fun!  I’m a retired insurance exec who has always loved to cook and bake.  I am kind of a recipe snob since I usually bake what I like to eat.  I mean, how else am I going to know if it’s really good?  My weakness is sweets. . .  I love anything caramel and chocolate is a solid second.  You will see healthy recipes too – but only if they taste delicious!

Having said that, the best part may be the pictures!  I’m not sure how a Midwest Farmer’s Daughter developed this love of all things tropical. . . . but somehow it happened.

So, why did I start my Tropical Life, Food and Fun blog?

  1. I’m retiring from the insurance industry and need something to keep me off the streets.
  2. I love to bake and cook  and need a place to keep my recipes.
  3. I want to share my tried and true recipes – after all, ya’ll SAID you liked them!
  4. My husband suggested it and he’s pretty smart.
  5. I need a new challenge in my life that isn’t laced with stress.
  6. I live on an island and LOVE to share my views and sunsets.
  7. My kids think I’m technically challenged and I want to prove them wrong (although I still have some issues with the tv remote!).
  8. This relieves me of the burden of writing the next great American novel (whew).
  9. This gives me a great excuse to visit other islands and try new recipes.
  10. I’m a positive person and just want to have fun!!

One more list.  I thought you might want to know some quick facts about me:

  1.  I was born in South Dakota and lived there until I graduated from the University of South Dakota .  Go ‘Yotes! (AND Go ‘Noles- my husband and three sons are FSU Seminoles!)
  2. My first job was in New Orleans – CULTURE SHOCK for a somewhat naïve South Dakota farm girl but the food was incredible!  My taste buds have never been the same.
  3. My husband and I decided to get married after knowing each other only three weeks. 32 years and 3 sons later. . .  these four guys are the loves of my life.
  4. I’ve lived in South Dakota, New Orleans, Indianapolis, St. Paul, Richmond and all over FLORIDA!
  5. I play the piano and used to play the organ for weddings.  I wish I could play as well as I used to.  I can’t.
  6. I love, love, love sunsets!
  7. I’m not a morning person.  You won’t see many sunrise pics.
  8. I like to go to grocery stores and markets.  A lot.  I love to visit local markets when I’m traveling.  Especially abroad.  Markets are often in places you might not imagine – have you visited the market in Grand Central Station in NYC?  Fabulous!
  9. I’m a cookie snob.  There aren’t many packaged cookies I will buy.  I’m sometimes offended when my family buys them.
  10. I love vintage kitchenware.  I have more vintage stuff than newfangled gadgets. (See technically challenged note above!)
  11. My niece has my sister site:  Farm Life, Food and Fun.  She is another love in my life and embraces her farm life as I love my tropical life.  People think we look alike.
  12. I have a problem closing cabinet doors.  You will probably read that my family will one day find me knocked out cold on the kitchen floor from hitting my head on an open cabinet door.  I am trying to work on this.
  13. My dad really DID say “I don’t know why in the hell you think that everything should be fun!”  Apparently I said “that was fun” or “that sounds like fun” one too many times!
  14. I like to make lists.

I hope you will enjoy my recipes and pictures – I am enjoying sharing Tropical Life, Food and Fun with you!


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