All Because . . . . . ❤️

All Because . . . . . ❤️

We went to a wedding this past weekend. A wonderful, fun wedding! I’ve watched this beautiful bride – a classmate of our son – grow up. The guest list included many of those classmates – now young adults. I love those “kids” and loved seeing them all together again. Our friends with whom we shared those raising-our-kids years were there too. It was the kind of night that we rarely had time to think about when we were busy taking these kids to school and endless activities. It was the kind of night we really couldn’t quite imagine back then. It was a feel-good-dream-come-true night!

I looked around at our friends and quickly tallied up the collective centuries that we’ve been married. I’ve always been married. Well, okay, maybe not always. My husband and I have been married almost 34 years, my married years exceeding my single years. So it kind of feels like we have always been married.

We got advice from ministers and parents before we got married. Someone suggested to me to always have the table set at dinner time – even if I hadn’t started dinner – so my husband would think dinner was in the works. Oh how times have changed! I started to think about offering advice and quickly realized that I’m not even close to being qualified to offer advice. (Thank goodness, right?!) What I really want to do is say how happy I am for the newlyweds! And “thank you” for including us in this celebratory beginning of your life together.

My Love to You and Best Wishes for a Wonderful Life Together! One day you will look back at your life together. You will see children, grandchildren – maybe even great-grandchildren. You will see trips taken, holidays celebrated and sadness shared. You will wonder how time can fly by so quickly. You will then smile at your beloved spouse and know that your life – all of this – was simply because two people chose to love each other.

May God Bless You Both as you begin your Life Together. ❤️

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