There are Few Things In Life As Wonderful. . . . . . . ❤️

There are Few Things In Life As Wonderful. . . . . . . ❤️

There are few things in life as wonderful as a family wedding. My friends have heard me say this many times because I believe it with my whole heart and soul. What can possibly compare to committing to share love and life, attended by all your family and friends? Really, just having all the people you love in one room is pretty incredible in itself!
These are memories that last a lifetime. Sometimes the memories are ones you expect. The bride was absolutely stunning. The dress was incredible. The food was delicious and the reception was a blast! All true, but it is really so much more. . . .
It is the almost undetectable little wink that the groom gave his gorgeous bride when they exchanged their vows. They didn’t take their eyes off each other during the entire ceremony.

It is that first glimpse of the groom’s wedding band on his hand. (This might just be a “boy mom” thing). Once we catch our breath, we realize it’s exactly what we have prayed for since he was a little boy.
It is watching my friend dance with her son when he surprised her with her favorite “mom” song – the one with lyrics that felt like she wrote them herself. Her son had talked her out of this song selection, saying it was too common. She agreed, after all, it is his wedding and he should have what he wants, right? It filled my heart that what he really wanted was for his mom to know how much he loves her.
It is watching the guest whose luggage never made it to the wedding. She could have moped around and hidden in the background all night. Instead, she borrowed an acceptable dress and some shoes that weren’t quite her size or style, and danced, laughed and celebrated all night long. I don’t even know her and I adore her.
It is appreciating the wonderful young adults who have magically taken the place of our children. There was a television show called “Cold Case” that had flashbacks of people – showing what they looked like at the time of the case. I have my own flashbacks when I see these kids. I see them playing little league baseball, going to middle school parties and attending high school homecoming festivities. When they were at my house, I was “Mom”.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss those days.

It is seeing the newlyweds leave the church and realizing you’re watching the first moments of their new life as husband and wife.
It is missing loved ones who are no longer with us. We want to share our joyous occasions. With all of our loved ones. Remembering them keeps them in our lives.
It is reconnecting with friends. Many of those same friends who helped raise our kids. We are growing older and wondering how time can possibly move this fast! We understand each other. We agree that growing families – weddings – grandchildren – are our rewards for making it through the raising-kids years.
It is that wonderful sense of belonging. If you’re invited to the wedding, you’re considered family. I am always thrilled to receive a wedding invitation. When people say “I was at their wedding” it’s because being a part of such an important event is huge. You are part of the family – a member of the tribe. I wouldn’t miss it for the world! Yes, there are few things in life as wonderful as a family wedding. . . .  ❤️




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  • I love you Cindy Farr💝. Just when I didn’t think I had any more tears left in the tank. All happy tears, of course. I truly look forward to the day that you, my friend experience this incredible sense of joy. Thank you for being a part of our “tribe”. Here’s to all the future weddings that await xoxo.

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